Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Improve your life learning a sexy dance

Why should I dance?

Let me give you a few reasons why you should learn a sexy dance to improve your mood and general wellbeing. I am sure that you will agree with me and very soon you will be on your way to“cha-cha” yourself into a happier and more confident person.

1) Anyone can dance regardless of age and physical ability. My grandmother, aged 80 is the Queen of the parties; no one can stop her dancing all night long.

2) Dance is one of the most gentle and fun ways to exercise. It stretches and tones the whole body without building bulky muscles.

3) Dancing is a type of aerobic exercise because it increases your heart rate.

4) You do not need any special equipment to get you started. All you need is the willingness to dance and have fun.

5) You can dance alone at home, with a partner or with friends or on stage. You can do it at any time and to any rhythm, choose the rhythm that better suits your abilities and personality.

6) When you are dancing, you learn to have control over your body; therefore you become more confident about your body movements.

7) Dancing improves the quality of your movements.

8) Dancing forces you to breathe correctly.

9) Dancing is good for your skin. Do you remember the last time you danced? Did you become beetroot red? Well, that is good for your skin. It means that your body is sending more blood to your skin surface in order to cool you down so oxygen multiplies to fill the smallest capillaries of your skin.

10) When you start dancing regularly, you will be conditioning your body and at the same time discovering you have more energy and vitality.

11) Dancing releases a hormone in your body called noradrenalina which gives you a natural high that makes you more alert and increases your sense of wellbeing.

12) Dancing decreases your feeling of hunger. Not only can you not eat while you are dancing but the noradrenalina released by your body acts like a natural appetite suppressant.

13) Dancing raises beta-endorphin levels in the body, which help you to relax and sleep better. Therefore, dancing provides mental relaxation.

14) Most types of dance strengthen the stomach muscles giving you a leaner figure and improving your body posture.

15) Dancing is a type of exercise that is always building up in difficulty. You start with some basic steps and you can try more complicated ones as your muscles strengthen.

16) Dancing helps to clean your body through sweat. Sweat also helps lubricate your skin, a very valuable function as a person ages and the skin becomes drier.

17) Regular dancing is synonym with cardiovascular fitness.

18) Regular dancing increases the mineral content in your bones making problems such as osteoporosis less likely.

19) Regular dancing makes joints more flexible.

20) Dancing burns up stored fat.

Do you need any more reasons to bring out your dancing shoes? Actually, for some dances like belly dancing you don’t even need shoes!
Learn here step by step how to dance sexy:
Some sexy dances that you can try regardless of your fitness level

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be brilliantly disruptive: Be disruptive, be yourself do not play by other's rules... Make your own.

To be brilliantly disruptive, make your own rules, the rules of the game.

  • Say NO. If you do not want to do something do not accept just to please others. Put yourself first. This by no means is to be selfish. You are just asserting yourself. If you dread going to Christmas dinner at your mother's in law every year, this year just say NO. I am not going and have your own Christmas dinner. Your husband might be upset at the start but in the long term you will have gained his respect for being able to stand up for yourself.

  • Trust yourself. Trust your feelings.

  • Do not fade into the shadows, make yourself noticeable and formidable. If people see that you cannot be intimidated... they will not try to intimidate you.

  • Feel the right to be yourself, to take what you want, to want what you always dreamt. 
  • Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be You, Trendy Plus Size Women's Fashion at Torrid.com Wear vivid colours: red instead of pink, blue instead of turquoise, yellow instead of mustard.   Vivid colours convey strength as opposed to "camouflage" and pastel colours which send a message of uncertainty on the wearer's part

  • Enhance your strengths, stand tall, be proud of who you are. 

  • Build strength and authority into your voice talking louder to make sure you are heard.  Use declarations and statements instead of questions.  Speak in declarations and others will take you seriously because they know that you mean what you say. 

  • Do not limit your desires, instead find a way of valuing them.

  • Learn the distinction between the things in your power and those things that are not in your power.  There is no point on setting your heart on those things where you do not have any power (like a lovers attitude towards you or your health) Concentrate on those things that you can control. 

  • Ask for Everething because nothing less is worth having!  If you don't ask for things you will never get them.  People are drawn to big ideas and adventures, go for big things!

For more tips on how to improve your self esteem check my article on  How to be brilliantly disruptive on HubPages.

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Plus size Sweaters for Women

    Turtle Neck Sweaters

    Turtlenecks sweaters draw attention to your face, so they are best suited for women with small features or thin faces.  When wearing a plus size turtle neck sweater, make sure that your make up is flawless and your hair is well styled.  If you have long hair, you might want to try to tie it in a ponytail to free your face and add visual distance between your shoulders and neck.

    Dress your sweaters up or down according to the occasion, the time of the day or your mood. 

    Dress your sweater up or down with accessories to get different looks from the same sweater.  Try changing the look of a simple dark turtle neck sweater adding a gold chain with a delicate pendant for the office or funky jewellery for a day out.  Long strings of pearls also look good on top of a sweater; just make sure that the pearls are not too big and that they are long enough to visually elongate your silhouette.  A scarf is also a clever way to change the look of your outfit.  

    Tailored Sweaters

    If you wear a plus size you will look better with sweaters that are tailored and softly skim your figure.  Wearing plus size clothes doesn’t mean hiding behind meters of material, instead you should outline your silhouette emphasizing your best assets and skimming over your problem areas.  Avoid wearing too large or too tight sweaters.  If your sweater is too large it will make you look larger and shapeless and if it is too tight if will show off unsightly bumps. 

    Torrid.com  Fashion guide video by John Eshaya showing how to wear a cocoon sweater. 

    For more tips on how to wear a plus size sweater, you can visit Plus Size sweaters where to buy tyhem, how to wear them.

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Shopping for curvy and plus size women

    "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" Coco Chanel

    Once upon a time fuller figures were all the rage. Think Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor. Those women were voluptuous and proud of it.

    It is said that Marilyn Monroe, was so proud of her curves that she wore her clothes a size too small to emphasize her figure. Those women understood that "Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away", and they succeded at it.

    Today, it is figures like Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet, BeyoncĂ© and Beth Ditto who flaunt their curves proudly. And probably it is thanks to women like them that some designers are changing and making clothes that look better filled out with luscious contours.

    Tips for Shopping for curvy girls and plus size women:

    1. Less is more. Show off your curves in well-fitting clothes. If you try to cover up in baggy clothes you'll look like you're fat. Instead, emphasize your thinnest part, just underneath your bust with belts and wrap dresses.

    2. Flaunt. Always go for fitted, scooped or v-necked tops rather than baggy turtlenecks or polo necks.

    3. Do not look at the size. I know for a fact that I can fit in anything from a skinny 36 to an ample 42. It all depends on the make and the style of what I am trying on. Of course, I find secret pleasure in buying a size 36 but sometimes it that just won't do and I need to get a 38, a 40 or even a 42 for some tops. The lesson to be learnt? Always try on clothes open minded and see what looks good on you rather than always buying the same size.

    4. Buying jeans. If you're curvy, it's best to wear them long in dark colours, boot cut and not too high or too low a rise on the waist. As a finishing touch add high heels to look ravishing, your legs will look longer and your bottom perkier! A good example are the bootcut jeans from Torrid.com shown below:

    Silver Jeans - Frances 33" Tuxedo Bootcut Jeans

    Silver Jeans - Frances 33

    5. Buy quality underwear. The type that offers good support on the right places. There are plenty of lovely bras, panties and even girdles that look sexy. Try them on, it might be uncomfortable the first few days, but after a couple of days you will not know how you did without them. If you have a big bust you can try Glamorise Complete Comfort Plus Bra- for a perfect hold and shape.

    6. Buying a jacket. A curvy woman should invest in tailored jackets with a nicely fitted waist that emphasizes her hourglass silhouette.

    Grey and Black Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

    Grey and Black Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Buying a Plus size Halloween Costume

    Looking good has a lot to do with making the right choices when buying your clothes.  This also applies when buying Halloween costumes.  To look good and sexy in a costume is not difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines. 

    1. Choose a character that suits your shape.  Plus size girls look sexy and voluptuous wearing sexy pirate costumes, saloon girls dresses, a Bumble Bee Costume  and gothic costumes. 
    2. Go for dark colours.   Instead of wearing an all-black costume, try wearing darker shades of your favourite colours.  Dark reds, browns,  burgundy and dark blues are very flattering for a full figure. 
    3. Avoid metallic colours.  Gold and silver costumes reflect too much light and give the impression of a bigger figure. 
    4. Accesorize your costume with high heels to elongate your figure and make your legs look longer and thinner.  
    5. If you have toned legs, show them off wearing a short costume.  You might wear plus size clothing, but you can still have an amazing pair of pins.  If that is the case, and you have well shaped legs, take advantage of that and go for a short Halloween costume.  Accessorize it with high heel shoes or boots and you will look amazing!
    6. Show off a generous breast with a plunging neckline,  this will draw attention away from an undefined waist.   Just make sure that the neckline is not too low and that you are wearing a strong-hold bra. 
    7. If you are apple shaped a baby-doll style dress will skip over any unsightly bumps.  To keep a balanced figure, go for a short costume or a plunging neckline (only one of those if you don't want to look tacky). A maxi baby doll dress can make you look even bigger than what you are, so keep your dress short, at least above your knees. 
    8. Accessorize.  Accessories are a girl’s best friend; they can help you hide unsightly bumps and enhanced your best attributes.  For example, a costume with a cape over a short dress can help hide flabby arms and any bumps forming at the back. 

    Where to buy sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes?

    Shop for Sexy Costumes at FlirtCatalog.com

    To buy a Plus size Halloween costume, I would recommend to browse through sites especializing in plus size fashion as they deal better with properly fitting costumes. 
    Here you can find my 4 favourite sites to buy your plus size Halloween costumes and more tips on how to look thrilling for Halloween.

    Torrid's Sexy Pirate Costume, $67.50

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Celebrate your curves!

    Like most women I have been haunted by my body most of my life.  It is only in the past few years that I have learned to love and accept myself the way I am.  It has been a long journey and to be honest every now and again I have a setback and try a new diet or try to lose a few inches here and there.  Thankfully, I always come back to my senses and end up accepting who I am and liking the way I look. 

    I think that looking good is not about having a certain body shape, but being happy with yourself.  I know this is easier said than done and that is why I have created this site to help you look good, to help you make the right choices when choosing an outfit, but also to help all those women who have a low self-esteem because they are not happy with the way they look. 

    Dressing well can boost your self-esteem.  Looking good can send a completely different image of yourself. 

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    20% off New Swimwear Styles

    Summer might be over, but swimming is always in style and the warm weather will return soon enough.  So why not buy now the best styles at the best prices at Swimsuits For All.  The New September Arrivals are in to mark the end of summer and the advent of fall so  you can start the new season off with big savings of up to  20% off  New Swimwear Styles when you use the coupon code below at the checkout at SwimsuitsForAll.com during the entire month of September. 
    20% off New Swimwear Styles - coupon code A20BLUE

    Now at Swimsuits for all you can personalize your settings to buy the perfect style to suit your body. 
    You just need to click on their fit and flatter guide to input your size, body type, problem areas, and style preferences to generate a list of available swimsuits that are perfect to fit & flatter your unique body & style.   It's like your online personal shopper!